About Us

Black Creek Ranch Cattle Company, is a breeder of the highest quality cattle available today:

• Texas Longhorn,
• Miniature Highland
• Black Angus

Black Creek Ranch is comprised of over 1,000 acres of some of the most beautiful and nutrient rich land in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Located in the Northern California town of Copperopolis. Black Creek Ranch has it all… Streams, Hills, Flat Lands and an abundance of beautiful oak trees that help shade the grasslands canvasing the entire ranch.

Black Creek Ranch has over one mile of waterfront land on Lake Tulloch. The land where the ranch meets the water is of the lake’ most wildlife rich areas of the entire lake..

The Ranch, being once inhabited by Native American Indians has a very storied past. The ranch was also a rich silver and copper mining property, as evidenced by the several mine shafts and other related structures left behind as reminders of the very active past on the property.

As the gold rush era came to a conclusion and over the past 150 years, Black Creek Ranch has been primarily used as a cattle ranch.

Today, Black Creek Ranch continues on with the tradition by raising 3 different types of cattle, all very unique and of the highest quality in their respective breeds.