Black Creek Ranch is a breeder of domesticated Zebra. Although domesticated, Zebra still have the mind of Zebra. When we raise our zebra, we take special care in handling them to gain a much trust and respect as can be expected.

From hand feeding, taking them on walks, to the constant human interaction and attention that we give them, we do our best to help instill in the animals that humans are their friends and allies and are not anything to be afraid of.

Zebras are of the most beautiful animals on earth and are absolutely fascinating to simply look at and enjoy as pasture animals.

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Black Creek Ranch is a breeder on the super unique Zonkey (or Zedonk). Our zonkeys (a mix of donkey and zebra) are the main attraction whenever visitors come out to the ranch, They are as beautiful as a zebra, yet as friendly as a donkey. The best of both worlds!

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